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Company Organization

SMS combines the expertise of Egyptian and European consulting staff in a coherent team of more than 100 staff members.

Our company organization is based on international standards and local know-how with a client-oriented approach.

SMS structure guarantees quality, flexibility, responsiveness and transparency.

Our Clients

Our company is the first choice in Egypt for embassies, international organisations, aid agencies and global corporations.

SMS is able to meet expectations of clients from different industries and sectors.

Our Partners

SMS is a trusted partner for major Egyptian actors in the security and defence industry.

SMS is a preferred provider in Egypt for International SOS ,the world’s leading medical and travel security risk services company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility towards employees is one of our main values. Our staff members work under conditions fully compliant with local labor laws and with the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) recommendations. They enjoy the highest salaries and best fringe benefits in the Egyptian security industry.

SMS sincerely strives to satisfy and retain its most valuable asset: its people. In turn, employee satisfaction adds value to the clients’ benefits due to the higher quality of services delivered. Promoting social responsibility makes SMS a unique security services provider in Egypt.

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International Standards Compliance

SMS operates in compliance with the highest internationally recognized standards in the security industry.

Our company is the first and only Egyptian signatory of the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) and United Nations Global Compact.
The management of SMS is also a member of ASIS.

Strict quality control guarantees a consistenly high service level and continuous improvements.

Code of Ethics

SMS subscribes to international principles of Human and Labour Rights as well as Environmental Protection, in compliance with the International Labor Organization conventions and local regulations. SMS has therefore committed itself to the UN Global Compact and is also a signatory of the ICOC (International Code of Conduct) Charter issued to security companies. Thereby, our company agrees to comply with the codes of compliance in accordance with local laws, good governance, conservation of quality relationships with the host country, clients and subcontractors.

SMS strictly respects local and international rules, aspires to full transparency of its activities, and reserves the right to refuse any mission not in accordance with its code of conduct and ethics. SMS only operates when the necessary means and skills to perform the mission are available within the agreed upon timeframe.

Relations between SMS and its clients are built on trust. Confidential information from our partners and clients remain their exclusive property.

SMS and its employees safeguard the image of the company’s clients and partners under any circumstance.

SMS is committed to equal opportunity employment based solely on the individual’s qualifications, merit, behavior and performance without regard to race, religion, color,sex, age, national origin, citizenship or disability.