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SMS hires highly skilled and competent personnel who contribute to its mission, vision and values. We are looking for motivated and dedicated candidates, only.

SMS is an equal opportunity employer without regard to race, citizenship, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Employment decisions, subject to the legitimate business requirements of the company, are based solely on the individual’s qualifications, merit, behaviour and performance.

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Guards maintain safe and secure environment by controlling access, patrolling premises and monitoring designated area through security systems. They also assist client staff members in case of emergency. All guards are trained by SMS in security and safety procedures (first aid and firefighting).

Security Officers
Security Officers monitor field deployment of staff, patrol areas of interest, coordinate with clients, report incidents and respond to emergencies. They belong to Security Guard Unit or Mobile Patrol Unit.

Security Drivers
Security Drivers survey dedicated areas by driving company vehicles in a secure and professional manner. They are accompanied by Security Officers. All Security Drivers receive safety driving course.

Executive Drivers
Executive Drivers transport VIP passengers to and from destinations in a comfortable, safe and efficient manner. They work in cooperation with Security Officers. All Executive Drivers receive safety, defensive and protective driving courses.

Acting as field managers, Supervisors oversee the work of all security staff from Security Guard Unit or Mobile Patrol Unit in dedicated area of responsibility. They liaise with clients and report to Security Coordinators.

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